Samuel Assayag Hanan

Samuel Hanan is a Partner of SMA since its inception, holding a 50% equity participation on it.

Mr. Hanan also conducted a career in politics, having actively worked in the Government of State of Amazonas:
- Vice-Governor of State of Amazonas (1999-2002), having occupied the Governor’s role for more than 360 days;
- Treasury Secretary of State of Amazonas (1995-1998);
- Industry, Commerce and Tourism Secretary of State of Amazonas (1995-1997);

Prior to his career as a politician, Mr. Hanan worked as an independent advisor for important companies such as G.P. Investimentos (1994) and Grupo Paranapanema (1994) in which he also served as member of the Fiscal Board of Paranapanema S/A, Mineração, Indústria e Construção

Prior to working as an independent advisor. Mr. Hanan had a successful executive career, occupying top positions on important steel, mining & energy conglomerates:

Grupo Paranapanema

- Executive President / CEO / Member of the Board of Directors of Paranapanema S/A, Mineração, Indústria e Construção;

- Executive Vice-President / COO of Paranapanema S/A, Mineração, Indústria e Construção;

- Executive Director of Mamoré Mineração e Metalurgia;

- Executive Director of Mineração Taboca S/A.

British Petroleum

- Executive Vice-President in Brazil with focus on Mining segment (tin, gold, diamond, nickel and copper) and  Risk contracts in connection with Oil exploration  (1984-1986).

Grupo Brascan (subsidiary of a subsidiary of the Canadian Brookfield Asset Management focused in Mining, Industrials, Real Estate and Reforesting segments)

- Executive President, Vice-President and Industrial and Commercial Director (1976-1984).

CESBRA (Companhia Estanífera do Brasil / Tin Company of Brazil)

- Commercial & Industrial Executive Director (1974-1976) by the time CESBRA was a subsidiary of the Patino Group.


- Executive Director and Superintendent of Companhia Industrial Amazonense (1972-1973), by then a company acting on the Brazilian tin market.
- Member of the steel segment (private division) before Public Entities (1972-1973): International Pricing Counsel (CIP) and Customs Policy Counsel (CPA).

- Supervisor of the Economy & Market department of Instituto Brasileiro de Siderurgia (IBS – Brazilian Steel Institute) (1970 – 1971).


Mr. Hanan holds a B.S. degree in Steel and Industrial Engineering from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Federal Universitity of Rio de Janeiro)
- Post-graduate degree in Safeness and Hygiene Engineering at work from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro;
- Post-graduate degree in Economy and Business Administration from Universidade Federal do Rio de JaneiroBrazilian Metallurgical Institute (I.B.S. / 1970-1971).


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